Blue series brightness levels

Has anyone noticed that the blue series brightness levels are different from the red series dimmers? On my red series dimmers I can dim to incredibly low levels. On the blue series, same led lights, I can’t dim as low. It’s frustrating because I have a blue series dimmer on my living room lights and I can’t dim to a low enough level, even after changing the minimum load level parameter to 1. Any suggestions?

Thank you for the help.

I can’t compare with the Red series, but yeah, the Blue doesn’t dim as low as my previous dumb dimmer. I dunno if the low end is something that can be changed in firmware, but if it is, I’d like it to dim more.

Same. I have red dimmers in the kitchen and dining room. Not being able to go as low as them is killing me to the point where I want to rip this out.

My Blues dim very low … much better than my Reds.

I think it depends a lot on the lighting fixture you’re using. LED dimming varies a lot between brands and models. But with incandescent bulbs I can dim it down to a just barely visible glow.


I have the following recessed led lights on red and blue series dimmers. There shouldn’t be any difference in my opinion between the brightness levels. I get they are not the same switch but I’m genuinely curious as to if these can go lower with an update.

While the brightness at a given dimming level depends on the light, the Blue puts out more power at minimum dimming than my old Lutron:

vs. Blue at brightness 1: