Blue Series: Change Light Entity Type in Home Asistant (ZHA)

This is really a non-issue, and is only because I’m obsessive about the little things.

I’ve just finished replacing every switch in my house with Blue Series switches, including the bathroom fans. I use Home Assistant, and connect via ZHA. In ZHA, these show up as light entities, e.g. light.master_bath_fan. If at all possible, I’d like to change these entity types to fan, if possible. I realize this affects pretty much nothing but if it’s doable I’d like to try.

I’ve found this page that does include instructions, but they don’t appear to do anything. I believe the reason might be an incorrect endpoint_id, as I was not able to locate that under Device Info.

Any ideas? Anyone done anything like this before?

I’ll note that the 2-1 is not rated for fan loads, including bathroom fans.

That said, what’s the end goal of changing the entity type? I tried with a related product to go through the effort of changing entity type using a template device (according to HA that’s the way they expect it to be done) to get it to what I wanted and ended up ultimately just went with a custom lovelace card that did what I wanted and using one of the mdi fan icons instead.

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The answer is template fan then make the switch “hidden”:

I do know it’s not rated, but it’s been functioning just fine.

The end goal is so that I can find them when searching entities for “fan.” Instead of “light.” because I like names to be descriptive. It is totally unecessary haha