Blue Series Claro Wallplate Fit

Looking for some help/advice about a small issue with the way the Lutron Claro wallplates fit with the Blue/Aux switches.

The cover you pop in at the end has little feet that are supposed to snap into the frame screwed onto the wall. For 1-gang installs, there are no issues. For 2/3/4-gang installs, there are feet between the switches that don’t engage with the frame underneath.

The switches are so close together that it prevents the feet from engaging. I tried to move the switches further apart, but the tolerances on the Lutron frame are very tight, so there is no wiggle room.

Which results in the frame bulging.

I guess I could just cut the middle feet off of the faceplate and hope it prevents the bulging. I assume a lot of people are using Claro plates so the color matches, anyone else having the same issue?

That’s a bummer - I started off using Claro when I was primarily Caseta, but that side-split design always looked too weird for me… I now use Eaton plates (available on Amazon or locally at Lowes if you have one near) and prefer those instead. Enerlites (on Amazon) are also nice plates.

I can’t say the color match for the Eatons or Enerlites is as good as the Claros, but it’s definitely good enough for me & my wife. Maybe worth getting one to experiment with?

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I love the Eaton screwless plates, having used them in the past, but the color mismatch is too much for my taste.

An electrician friend of mine showed me a trick a while back and I wonder if it would apply in this case. To help put in multi-gang switches, don’t tighten the switches to the box - keep it a bit lose. I can’t recall if one of the switch (maybe the center one) should be kept tighter…

From what I can see from the picture above, you could likely tighten them after the fact since access is available with the plate screwed in.


This is exactly what I do. Snug, but not fully tight so they can shift a bit when installing the faceplace

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Agree with leaving the switch barely loose. If you look as the pic you posted, the switch is leaning ever so slightly to the top left. If that top screws remains a bit lose you can get a narrow screwdriver in the slot and push it back a bit. The tab on the Claro should get the rest of it.



Thanks everyone for the help. I was tightening the claro frame too much, loosening it up till it was just snug helped a bunch.


Glad you got this figured out – nice tip @SViel!

@salscode – the multi-gang setup is a pain, but once you get the hang of it, the end result with the Claro’s is awesome. Hope you like it!

I just powered through a 2-Gang and 3-Gang installation this past week too…