Blue series compatible scene controller/pad

I am about to order 60 Blue 2 -1 switch/dimmer (I can’t wait any longer for Red 2-1) and I’m wondering if somebody can recommend scene controller/switch which will work with zigbee Blue 2-1? Something like Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Mesh Network Scene Controller ZEN32 (which is Z-wave). I thought about mix zigbee and z-wave, but I need only 2 Scene controller and I believe I’ll have an issue with Z-wave mesh (just 2 distant devices)


I haven’t found anything comparable to the zen32 in either z-wave or zigbee formats unfortunately. I’ve got a mixed network that allows for the use of the zen32.

I need two scene controllers at two end of the house and far from USB stick :frowning: @Eric_Inovelli, looks like an opportunity here :slight_smile:

Inovelli has one in the pipeline. No official release date yet.