Blue Series Fan Switch - Z2M / HA - Is it possible to stop single click from turning fan on/off and set that to double click?


I am currently configuring a few Blue Series Fan Switches to replace some dumb fan switches that also controlled lights. I have smart zigbee bulbs (Hue) which I’ve bound to the switch as well but the fan turns on and off with the bulb. I can configure double click or config button to toggle the bulb but ultamatly I’d like single on/off click to work for the bulb and then either the config button or double, triple, quadruple clicks to control fan speed. However, I cannot figure out a way to decouple single on/off click from turning the fan on and off. Is this possible?


LocalProtection enabled looks promising for what I am trying to do. I can still configure the fan in Home Assistant and it blocks the switch from turning anything on. Before finding that I tried setting DefaultLevelLocal to 0 but the fan still turned on.

I would turn on local protection and then create an automation to turn the switch on or off with a single press up or down. Single press up should work. I have an automation to set the band to low on a single press up.