Blue Series Hubitat Driver Enhancement Suggestion

Was not quite sure where to put this, but it’s a suggestion for an update to the Hubitat Driver.

Unless I am missing something somewhere currently the driver does not store what led color, level and duration is once it is set. For me at least this is useful for rules so I added it myself additional attributes.

@mamber - Is this already captured?

@trish - You May be able to push it through GitHub.

I’ve thought about it a few times but just wasn’t sure if it was something anyone would use. I guess there is at least one who would :wink:

@trish just out of curiosity, what are some examples of scenarios where you use this?

I’ll think about how to add it. I’m already reporting the Led Effect, so adding color level and duration is basically the same. I just need to make sure I cover all the cases.

One issue I see is tracking all 7 individual leds. @trish are you expecting to see attributes for each individual Led? That would be a total of 32 attributes to track the All-LED plus the 7 induvial LED’s. I don’t think I want to add that many attributes to the current states without a better understanding of the community need to access that info within rules when its typically rules that activate the effects in the first place. You could use app variables for that

I don’t use individual leds so would not need that and I did not even think of that challenge. I have a number of rules for setting various colors when things like doors are unlocked or our alarm is set. Currently rules for some switches can get rather complicated because I have to account for these additional states the led may be in to determine the correct color. So knowing what color the led is currently set to will be easier than replicating things like knowing the lock or alarm status.

If we had to do each individual I’d probably just do some sort of delimited string to reduce the number of attributes.

I’ve got my needs met and I don’t mind adding the few lines back in if I find I am updating the driver but figured I’d throw it out there more to make sure it was possibly available and I just was not seeing it.