Blue Series - is pre setup really required?

The manual says at the installation section:

IMPORTANT: Once power is restored to your switch, you should see the LED bar pulsing blue – this means it is looking for a hub to pair […] We recommend moving to the Pre-Programming section first to ensure your switch works properly before pairing.

The pre-programming section says if I’m using it as a dimmer I should pre-program it as such.
And again, everything up to this point suggests I should do it before pairing otherwise it won’t work properly.

I follow the instructions and program it as a dimmer using the paddle plus config button.
By the time I’m done the LED is no longer pulsing - switch is no longer in pairing mode so I have to manually start pairing mode.

As per instructions, I should hold the top of the paddle plus config key for 20 seconds or until LED flashes red. I did it and it worked however…

I’m not sure if this is also a factory reset because it did reset the switch to on/off (no longer dimmer) which makes the pre-setup pointless doesn’t it?

Also, I can always change it from dimmer to on/off and vice versa using home assistant UI so do I really need to pair it as a dimmer? If yes, how to enter pairing mode without resetting the mode?

It is.

You can also start the pairing using the air gap if it times out. That just reboots the switch.

Don’t use HA, but with ST I just pair it and then worry about the settings.

I see. I did the same for some of my blues (pair first and change settings later through the hub) and I didn’t notice any difference. I don’t know why the manual suggest you do it first on the switch “for it to work properly”. I would love to hear from @Eric_Inovelli 's team what they meant by that.

Also, maybe @Eric_Inovelli could edit the manual to make it a bit easier to understand. I think most people without a deeper knowledge of the protocol won’t interpret entering pairing mode as factoring resetting my device and loosing my settings :slight_smile:

I will move forward using the air gap to enter pairing mode to power cycle the switch as you suggested, thanks.

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