Blue Series Missing Parameters

I am beginning to integrate the Blues into my home with Home Assistant. I mostly have Reds that work great. I have 2 blues that are bound together and working in my Dining Room. I have added another 2 blues to my kitchen. I am experiencing strange behavior with them. They work as expected, however, they are missing parameters in HA. I am only getting like 4 parameters to set. To get them working as dimmers I had to manually set them using the paddles and the config button. I did not experience these issues with the blues in my dining room.

The blues in my dining room are about 14 ft closer to my Conbee stick than the ones in the kitchen. I don’t know if distance is causing the issue. They are discovered very quickly during the add. These were delivered to me on April 3, 2023 direct from Inovelli as a 10 pack. Just now getting around to installing these. I have tried removing then adding again, and rebooting HA. Nothing is working. I am stumped.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 222158

You should see the Device info on the top left of that page, could you share a screenshot of that or the firmware it’s listing?


Also if you click that Zigbee info dropdown, what does the Quirk show as?


And last question for now, what version of HA are you running?

@chack. Thanks for the reply. Here you go:



HA Version

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I can replicate this after removing/readding a device I had on that firmware version on 2024.5.3. Not sure what’s going on but I’ll try and get some time this weekend to see what’s up.

In the interim, if you click the 3 dots > manage zigbee device -


Then use InovelliiVZM31SNCluster, Endpoint 1 and those will be all of the parameters (and a couple extra), that you’d see in the HA GUI. I know it’s not quite as convenient, but wanted to make sure you knew you had that option at least.


Edit - So after letting it sit for a bit, all of the parameters showed up for me. @mit3gt can you confirm if yours shows up by now or if you’re still seeing the same?

@chack Yes. I can confirm that 1 of the switches resolved itself after letting it sit for a couple of days. It is now showing all of the parameters. The second switch still has not resolved itself. I am noticing something else that is odd. HA is asking me to upgrade the firmware on the 2nd switch. The firmware it is suggesting seems to be an invalid firmware#. This happened on the first switch as well, but like you said, it sorted itself out over a couple of days. I am still waiting for the second switch to resolve itself.

firmware snip

I haven’t seen that, but that’s definitely weird. Any special config for the OTA piece or you’re just using the default ZHA config on your configuration.yaml file?

Are you still on HA 2024.5.4? If so, do you mind upgrading to 2024.5.5 and seeing if it goes away or if it’s resolved with the latest OS?

@chack Thanks for your support on this. I am on 2024.5.5. The second switch is now showing all the correct parameters.

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