Blue Series non-configurable delay before dimming begins

There appears to be a non-configurable and rather long (IMO) delay before dimming begins when you hold a paddle. My guess is it’s about a second or maybe the default 700ms.

This annoys me pretty much every time I dim my light from the wall. I want to be able to make quick, small adjustments to the lighting as I’m walking into a room.


  • The configuration for double tap delay works but does not appear to affect how long you have to hold before dimming begins.
  • The configuration for dimming ramp rate works as intended. Once dimming begins I can make the lights dim very quickly. However, there is still a large delay before dimming begins.
  • I’m testing a switch that is directly controlling lights, so there’s no hub or automation adding latency.

You can lower the Button Delay which defaults to 700ms as you said. I have mine set to 500ms. It’s a balance between allowing multitap functions and time to start dimming.

It’s waiting to see if you release for multi-tap. You can configure to eliminate the delay entirely (single tap/hold only) or reduce the delay as stu said.

Hi Daniel,
I do agree, I have multi-taps completely disabled, and it still seems like about a second after starting to hold that the dimming starts. Have you set the maximum brightness for these bulbs? If not, this can make it worse - my bulbs appear to reach their maximum brightness at about 75% power. So, if you don’t have the max set, the dimmer spends the first 25% of it’s dimming time reducing from 100% power to 75% - but that doesn’t change the light output so dimming appears not to have started. (Easy test; is it slower to start dimming if you start from full on vs. from 1/2 dimmed)

@stu1811 @kreene1987 as I mentioned in the original post, the multi-tap delay does not affect the dimming delay.

@SandyB my switches have the majority of the range configured so I don’t notice that extra problem. But yea, when I timed it with a stop watch it may actually be more than 700ms, I think it could be a full second.

Can you post your config? It will be easier to diagnose.

Here’s my configuration: { "data": { "ieee": "**REDACTED**", "nwk": 59655, "manufacture -

Here’s a video showing the responsiveness. I dimmed it to the middle first to remove any concern about what Sandy mentioned. The LED bar matches the response of the lights. I put it in iMovie I can see the detailed scrubber it does appear to be a full 1s delay.

I’m setting up my first Red Series switch today and also noticed this limitation. The delay makes it difficult to make small adjustment to light levels using the switch.