Blue Series Power Draw 0 Watts


I am using a blue series switch as a dimmer in Home Assistant. I currently have 4 installed and on 3 of them the wattage being drawn is working. On just one switch I am getting 0 for watts. The Summation Delivered is showing 0.03 kWh. Any ideas on why power draw is always 0 even when the lights are on? Installation does have a neutral. Light functions as expected.

This light does have two switches wired to it one is not in use and is for a future fan, came standard this way with the house.


Are the non neutral? Power reporting only works with a neutral.

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They all have neutrals. When I get a chance I will pull the switch and triple check everything starting with the neutral connection and report back.


You should be and to see if the switch thinks it neutral or non neutral

When I read that parameter in ZHA I get none. Shouldn’t I be getting 0/1? Is this indicative of a problem?

You should get a 0 or 1. Maybe try running configure again?

Edit: 21 decimal = 0x15 hex

Make sure it’s Endpoint id 1 and the In cluster -

Endpoint 2 is used for binding to other devices, the parameters are configured under Endpoint 1 (the switch itself). So if you look under 2, you’ll get none like you’re seeing there.

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@chack thanks for pointing out which endpoint to use.

I am getting a value of 1 so neutral is detected but still no power draw.

Don’t tell the power company you’re getting free power. Would it be worth factory reset the switch and include it back into ZHA?