Blue Series Smart Bulb Mode without Hub

Hey all,

Was wondering if there was a way to set a switch into smart bulb mode without having the hub via a series of taps on the switch itself. I know it sounds silly, but I’m waiting on a Home Assistant Yellow until January, and it would be nice to get a few of these in the wall with temporarily inoperable paddles instead of a physical light switch turning off that messes up the color temperature shifting of the smart bulbs throughout the day.

Are you expecting to bind to bulbs without a hub? You won’t be able to do that. If your bulbs are already on a network (hue) then you can just leave in the on/off mode and look at disabling local control.

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Couldn’t find it in the instructions under smart bulb mode, but didn’t think to poke around the hub specific spots. Thanks!

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I’m not expecting to bind the bulbs yet, just want to avoid visitors toggling wall switches off while getting a head start on some installs before the hub comes. Thanks though!