Blue Series wont turn off LED Strip

Trying to wire up/control a few LED Strips with a Blue series dimmer. When I apply power to the dimmer the strips come on and wont turn off regardless of the state of the dimmer.

LED Power supply: HitLights 25W Dimmable LED Driver
Dimmer: VZM31-SN
Firmware (from HA): 0x01020208

I’ve tried changing the operating mode from On/Off to Dimmer, different minimum loads, verified the Line/Neutral are wired correctly, yet the strips always stay on. If I pull the air-gap it does power off. Any ideas?

What’s the wattage of the strips? I’ll assume these strips are not connected to any type of ballast or such.

If strips go direct to the switch, you may need a bypass to add some resistance to the load circuit.

I was wondering about that. The driver is the only ballast/device between the strip and the switch. The switch is reporting it’s drawing a total of 40 watts, I’d guess it’s closer to 15 in reality.

Looking quickly at their site and not knowing the exact model of driver, they do have a note that it should be compatible with most TRIAC dimmers. I believe the blue series is a MOSFET dimmer which may be the reason it’s not working properly. Dimmer tech is outside of my area of expertise though so somebody more knowledgeable may be able to chime in here.

A LED dimmable driver will be compatible with TRIAC wall plates and power supplies.

Hmm… Tried a different power supply that should have been supported and getting the same result. Anyone know any known good working LED strip power supplies that work with the Blue series dimmers?

Update, on a whim I took apart another setup with a Blue switch and tried the LED strips with the original HitLight power supply and it worked fine. Guessing I’ve got a bad switch.