Blue Series. Zigbee Binding

So i am looking for something that will work with Blue Series switch that i can bind to it.

I do not have neutral at the switch and light does not work with the adapter. So i rewired the switch to get neutral from light. But now of course i cant controll the light as its always on.

I have a zbmini at the light and have a rule in hubitiat the when switched on turn on the zbmini and vise versa. But i cant bind them. Any know of a device like the zbmini that can be binded to the blue switch?

Is there a reason you’re looking for a relay at the light over a zigbee bulb?

Yes, i have very low ceiling in my basment sonibhqve purchased low profile led lights. They were like $30. I could get a hue version but not as shallow and for closer to $150 and not going to pay that when a relay is cheap.

There’s a thread here about Juno canless downlights that I was about to recommend but I see 2 people in the last 24hrs have posted here with issues with them. I wouldn’t pay $150/light either, but these were down in the $30 range I believe which is reasonable. Using bulbs definitely has advantages because you can do colour and temp control as well as dimming instead of just on/off like you’ll get with a relay. It may be a YMMV situation with these specific ones though.

Digging in a little on the zbmini and binding, it appears it is possible. There is a limitation that the zbmini can only be bound to 1 group. I moved on from Hubitat a while back so unfortunately I’m not able to help you troubleshoot the binding on that platform, but it should be doable.