Blue Series - Zigbee button press event not consistently triggered?

I’m using the Blue switch with Home Assistant (ZHA), wired with neutral but no load connected. I was hoping to use this button to control a custom (non-binary) status, by manually listening for each button press event in Home Assistant, and having HA change the switch LED status light color in response.

This almost works, however my problem is that the switch sometimes stops sending local button press events. Specifically: once I send a LED color change signal to the switch, the switch seems to ignore the next few local button presses. If I press the down and the up buttons (either locally or remotely), then the subsequent button press events are sent. Also, if I locally press the config button twice, this clears the current LED color status (for some reason), and at this point local button press events are sent as expected.

I’ve tried a variety of config options but can’t seem to find a way to get it to reliably send me every single up/down button request, regardless of the switch’s current state. What config settings should I be using? I assume smart bulb mode is the most appropriate switch type for what I’m trying to accomplish? Are there any other important settings?

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It’s a feature