Blue switch causes instant off to bound lights

First time poster, looking for some help. The closest thread I saw for this is: Dimming duration values not sent to bound devices when switching on/off but there @mbbush seemed to observe the bulb doing their default fade out. I’m not even getting that (and would be happy to get that).

I’ve created a ZigBee group and bound a Blue switch to Hue bulbs. I created the group in Hubitat, but I imagine that’s irrelevant once everything is bound. The switch is in Smart Bulb mode and set to be a Dimmer.

Two issues I’m struggling with:

  1. When turning the switch off the lights blink out instantly. Despite me setting all preferences I can find to do a graceful fade. The bulbs are set to fade over 800ms. The switch is set to fade even longer. If I send “OFF” to the light itself or to the group, the bulbs fade nicely. If I command the switch (physical or via the network) the bulbs go out instantly. The LED fades down nicely, and that looks pretty in the dark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So how do I get the switch is send the same OFF that everybody else sends to the bulbs? I have no ZigBee sniffer to tell me what’s actually being sent. But something must be different.

  1. Much less important: when I dim the light either up or down by holding the paddle, the lights change but then “bounce back” a little the moment I let go. I’m as sure as I can be (limited knowledge and tools) that nothing else is triggering the group. Can a light that reports its level in a group cause the dimmer to set to that level and echo it back to the other lights leaving a race condition for who gets the last laugh?

Did you configure your switch to smart bulb mode? Can you post a screenshot of your bindings?

Yup. Got Smart Bulb mode on.

Here are the settings on the switch. Param52 is 1.

Here’s the group config. I have another (different switch and bulb) without some of the group device options. AFAICT those are just within Hubitat and don’t relate to the bindings as that exhibits the identical behavior. But I could be wrong. Is there a better place to view the bindings themselves?

So, personally I’ve never used group binding…

Have you tried using the zigbee binding app created by @adamkempenich? That’s the one I’ve used (switch to canopy) and it just works.

Source App Code: (

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Nice! That one works better!

NOTE TO FUTURE READERS: Blue switch endpoint is 0x02 and the Hue bulb endpoint is 0x0B. The defaults won’t give an error, but also won’t do anything :upside_down_face:

Using these bindings I get the graceful OFF that I was after. Thanks!

I still get the “bounce” on level change; not sure where that’s coming from. I’ll dig into that later.

Update: I was able to repro the “bounce” by sending “start level change” / “stop level change” to the bulb directly and got the same behaviour with Hue and Ikea bulbs with two different drivers. So certainly not a switch issue. Still not sure what’s causing it.


Make sure your hue bulbs have the test update too