Blue switch getting very hot with bathroom exhaust fan

After the fan is on for a couple minutes the switch becomes very hot. If you touch the faceplate screws, they’ll burn you.

The fan is only using about 80 watts of power. The fan itself is a little over a year old, but its builder grade, so its possible its failing.

Any ideas what is happening here?

Blue switch is not rated for inductive loads (e.g. bath or ceiling fans.


This is the proper switch to use with a fan. Remove that 2-1 from the fan!!!


Ahh, that’ll do it, thanks!

Hijacking this thread because now I’m wondering if I have an issue. (I didn’t think I did, but now after reading this, I’m worried.)

In my bathroom, one of the lights and a fan are on the same circuit. Like, you turn on the switch and they both go on. I have a red on-off switch (the original red, not the 800-series 2-in-1) on that circuit. Is that a bad idea? Should I swap it out? If so, what should I put there instead, if the blue fan switch isn’t rated for bulbs and a switch designed for bulbs isn’t rated for fans? Thanks!

Im running a UltraPro 39354 for an exhaust fan in my laundry room(runs based on a motion sensor for my cats using the litterbox). Its rated for small motors.This switch is Identical to a GE Enbrighten 46202.

You’re good with the LZW30 model. That on/off was designed for small motor loads. If you have the dimmer version, then I would say you have an issue.

Edit just make sure you’re not exceeding the current limits.

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