Blue Switch Gradual Dim to On/Off

Been using Blue’s in my whole house and I love them, but one thing I’ve yet to figure out proper settings for is setting a gradual fade to ON/OFF but not necessarily using them as a dimmer. I generally don’t dim my lights and prefer full brightness, but like the feel of let’s say Lutron switches which allow the light to gradually turn on very smoothly.

Just wondering if anyone has been able to nail this down and if you’re able to offer some best practices for it.

All my lights have neutrals with 2 and 3 way setups. Using HA/ZHA with I believe 1.12 (0x0102020e) firmware?

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Ramp rate parameters are what you are looking for

Parameters 3/4/7/8 are off to on or on to off and local (physical) vs remote (automation/hub control).

Set them based on the milliseconds you want (1 = 100 ms, 10 = 1000 ms = 1 second).

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