Blue switch on a circuit with incandescents and fluorescents results in fluorescents flickering

See video: Any way to get a Blue switch to work here?

Oof. Non neutral and fluorescents? Honestly the switch doesn’t support tube lights however the newer firmware has better results so I would temporarily place a dumb switch until v2.15 is out for updates.

Thanks. Are you referring to this comment/Full Sine mode? If so, looks like only for a setting with a neutral, which this knob/tube house and garage unfortunately doesn’t have.

Correct on the comment. I see the switch box has a conduit feeding it. Any chance you can feed a neutral to the switch?

Perhaps! Would ask my electrician—I’m not good enough.

I’m wondering actually if I should put a smart relay behind the current toggle instead of using a Blue. I’ve never actually invested in any smart relays and don’t know if any Shelly’s or Zooz or other would likely work in the same.

Or some other switch…

Possibly. The fluorescent tubes are hard due to start up requirements and definitely sensitive to sine wave. You could try a Shelly or other type of relay but with no neutral it may be hard to find a switch that supports. Maybe rewire with line and neutral to the switch to allow commands to be sent to a smart relay in light fixture?

Also I’d look at the neutral wire to be brought it. It may be a $30 material and 1 hour labor job.

Turns out it’s LEDs shop lights…. cracked the plastic trying to get a look. Does that change things?

It could!

I’m not too familiar with the led retrofits. Not sure if there’s still a starter or ballast in the fixture with LEDs.

I would update the switch to 2.14 and see how it handles.

Smart relay in the switch box won’t work either without a neutral.

remove the ballast, direct wire to the sockets and put in LED retrofit tubes. It’s worth it even if you didn’t have the switch problem. They are much brighter.

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That can go either way. Some tubes work with the existing ballast, some require removal.

If you need to replace the bulb and ballast I’ve had good luck with these ballast bypass bulbs. I have not test with a smart switch yet.