Blue switch single tap up full brightness

Is there a way to change the single tap up button to go to full brightness? It seems like that can be done with the double tap but without automations it looks like the single tap always goes to previous value?


Parameter 13 will do what you want

Thank you. I was able to get it working.

Is there an easy way to edit the parameters in ZHA? I was editing one of the configuration entities thinking it was parameter 13 and it wasn’t (see below).

Having a way to know which parameter the configuration entity matches up with would be helpful. And also what cluster the parameter belongs to and hex conversion.

The configuration entities should match up with the naming of the parameters, with the primary limitation being how much can be conveyed in the limited space. The only caveat being the on and startup levels that are default across most of the ZHA devices and aren’t using the manufacturer cluster.

Generally speaking though, if you want to modify the individual parameters and know for certain, you’ll want to go to the manage zigbee device view as in your 2nd screenshot and they’ll all be under the manufacturer cluster (Inovelli_VZM31SN_Cluster in this case, endpoint 1, with the model portion of that changing depending on the device). Can’t do anything about them being in hex unfortunately, other than recommending this calculator, it comes in pretty useful :slight_smile:

@chack Thanks for the link to the calculator and for pointing out which cluster I should be editing. Appreciate the help!