Blue switch turning off randomly and LED turns green or dimmed blue

Hi all,

I have a new Blue switch that is acting oddly all of a sudden (it worked fine for roughly a week). My setup is a no neutral / not grounded dimmer mode in 2 way mode.

The switch is connected to home assistant using ZHA, but note that I’ve checked the event logs for the device, and there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between the switch turning off and Home Assistant.

Sometimes, when the switch is on, it will randomly turn off the lights and dim the LED like if it was turned off. In the picture below, the right switch is the one having the issue. It is supposed to be on, but it doesn’t look like it. Sometimes, it will turn on on its own, or will flash green and blue. The switch is on 2.15 and shouldn’t be updating via Home Assistant since there is no more recent firmware available at this time.

In Home Assistant, the Switch still appears to be On. Turning it off, then back on, seems to fix the issue until it happens again (sometimes minutes later, sometimes the next day).

Is this a known issue with the firmware? Or is the switch bad? I’ve had a few switches throughout the house and this is the first one giving me troubles. Thanks!

Is there a third color in that green and blue flashing? Typically that means the switch is rebooting. Since you are in a non-neutral configuration, a lack of power to the switch could be causing the reboot. You can try adding a bypass to see if that resolves the issue.

There is no other colors, and lately I’ve seen rapid flickering of the LED strip on the switch from blue to dimmed blue, like when the switch is off (together with the led flickering).

This happens when the switch is on so it’s a little surprising it would be a lack of power? The other switch on the same circuit has no issues.

When the switch reboots, it typicallys shows a cyan, deep blue, yellow. So if you’re seeing a green, yellow, that may be something different. Can you post a video or is it random so you don’t know when it’s going to occur? You can pull your airgap and observe the color sequence after you push it back in. That’s what a reboot will look like.

I suppose you could try a factory reset in the even that some of your settings got hosed.

Here’s what happened this morning (no green lights this time). You can see that the other switch (using the same LED bulbs) is just fine, I’ve never had any issues with that one.

You’re correct, I can’t tell when it occurs. Sometimes, it’s almost immediately after tuning the switch on. Sometimes, it’s a couple of hours later. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it works fine when the switch is off (it doesn’t turn off or reboot).

I have tried using the airgap but that didn’t help. I’ll try a factory reset next.

Note that I am also positive the wiring is correct, I have double checked that it was the case. Everything worked fine with our previous “dumb” dimmer.

Is it in on/off mode or in dimmer mode? If you are in dimmer mode does it happen at high levels only or lower levels also?

It’s in dimmer mode (high neutral output), and I think it happens at all levels but it’s hard to be sure. When it’s starting to flicker, changing the dimming level doesn’t fix the issue and I have to turn it off and on again.

Today, the same things started happening for the other switch, which makes me suspicious it might be the non-neutral setup. I have a bit of an electrical background, but I don’t quite understand if adding the bypass would help for the case where the switch is behaving like this only when turned on? I would intuitively think the bypass mostly addresses issues at low dimming level / when the switch is off.