Blue switches - how are most people handling dimming?

So I’m about to switch from my lutron switches to bkue switches. Yay!

However, it occurs to me… My lutron switches have 4 buttons: top, bottom, and two in the middle. It’s pretty clear for my mother in law that top is on, bottom is off, and the middle buttons dim…

I know there are a million mappable commands on the inovelli, but I’m curious how people are mapping the basic functionality. Thanks!

For basic dimming, you really don’t need to map anything with the Blue. The on-off function is a single press up or down. To dim up or down you just press and hold. Works that way out of the box.

You might add a double tap up to go to full brightness. That is a parameter so that can be configured.


Are you dimming a light attached as a load on the switch itself? Or are you remotely controlling a smart light?

For loads attached to the switch, the hold and release of the up and down are how you dim and brighten the attached load (as Bry points out). You have control over:

Ramp rate off to on and on to off when single tapping up and down
Dimming speed up and down when holding and releasing the up and down
Minimum and Maximum level brightness.
Default level when turned on
For all of these there are separate parameters when controlling the switch locally and remotely.

Color and intensity of the LED strip when on and off.
Color and intensity of each individual LED of the 7 LEDs.