Blue Switches not responding

(added for clarity)
Phillips Hue Bulbs
Blue switches

Both the switches and Hue bulbs are connected to Hubitat (no Hue hub)
This setup has been working well for months

This evening I came home and none of my switches are responding. All of my switches are hooked up to hubitat and connected to Apple Homekit via Homebridge.

When I press the switch, the LED bar works as if it is turning on and off the lights, but the lights do not turn on or off. When I check the logs in Hubitat, there is no logging of the button being pressed.

When I turn the light on or off in either Homekit or in homebridge. The lights do not turn on or off, but the on or off command is logged in hubitat.

When I open the switch device in hubitat and use hubitat to turn on or off, nothing is logged (very strange), but if I mess with the LED (in hubitat), it logs it (the LED does not follow the command though).

If I switch on the lights (bulbs not switch) in hubitat they respond fine.

I’m at a loss here and would appreciate any advice.

I just factory reset one switch. When I re-added it, hubitat recognized it.

With ‘smart mode’ disabled and it set to ‘on/off’ switch mode, the light now responds, however it still appears to think that it is a dimmer (the lights flicker between on and off).

When I switch to ‘smart mode’ enabed, the light no longer responds.

For a separate, non-factory reset switch, when I attempt to set ‘smart mode’ to disabled and set it to ‘on/off’ switch mode, the switch will not change these settings after a save. It continues to not work.

Are the switches controlling dumb bulbs or smart bulbs?

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You say “smart mode” several times, but I think you may be referring to “smart bulb mode”? There’s no “smart” (vs “dumb”) mode per se.

I think @MRobi and I are both heading in the same direction with our questions here…

Yes you are correct, it was lazy to say smart mode instead of smart bulb mode.

They are controlling Phillips Hue Bulbs. It seems you are headed in the wrong direction…

I will edit the top line comment for clarity of future readers. Thanks!

If the switches are in SBM and controlling zigbee bulbs, and you have multiple switches suddenly not responding and showing nothing in the logs, you need to be looking at your zigbee network.

Check for interference with things like WiFi. I believe hubitat has now integrated a zigbee map and I’d bet money if you check it you’ll see a bunch of dropped devices.

How many zigbee router devices do you have? (aka how dense is your zigbee network?)

There is logging when turning on/off via homekit or homebridge. That logging is shown in the original post.

Here is the Zigbee routing. I have a small network. The hubitat, wifi router, switches, and lights are all within about a 30 foot radius.

But there is no logging in Hubitat correct?
From what I’m gathering here, Hubitat is acting as your zigbee coordinator, and homekit/homebridge are connecting to Hubitat to control devices. So when you are toggling something in homekit/homebridge, it is logging that attempt, sending the command to Hubitat which has no logs indicating it’s passing that along to the switch itself.

When I’m talking Zigbee map, Hubitat recently launched a visual tool for this (Not my map below, I use Home Assistant)

Do you know which channel your wifi router is on and also which zigbee channel your hubitat is using? Also, how close to each other are they? Zigbee and WiFi compete for the same frequencies and channels can overlap which can cause messages to get dropped, devices to drop off the network, etc… Unfortunately, this kind of stuff can happen in smaller networks. But there’s lots of things to help improve it. So let’s start with checking the channels on both and see what we’ve got.

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Sorry for being unclear, the logs in the original post are from hubitat. I have attempted to control the switch (on and off) using both homekit and homebridge. The logs on hubitat for the switch (device logs) show that the switch has received the command (as shown on the bottom of the hubitat log shown on the original post), but the lights do not actually turn on or off and the physical switch does not change it’s LED bar to match that state.

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that app yet. I Just installed it and here are the results:

Could be me misinterpreting the original post as well.
This may be a simple setting.
Unsure what it looks like in Hubitat, but look for something around remote protection. This prevents the switches from acting on remote commands.

The wifi router is using Channels 5 and 40
The Zigbee is Channel 25

All the switches that are in SBM and failing are within 30 feet, including some that are within 10 feet of the hubitat. The Hubitat and wifi are connected, so they are in close proximity to each other.

This setup has been working for months.

Also trying to directly control the switch in hubitat is failing and failing to log for on/off

So I ended up factory resetting all of the switches, deleting all of the hubitat zigbee bindings, and re-creating them.

Now everything works, though I have no idea why the switches stopped working.

Thanks @mark.kunitomi for sharing your issue. You just gave me hope that possibly we share the same struggle. I don’t think we should mark it as solved yet. You propose a work around but what if, like me, you have 50 switches, and many groups and much automation. Reseting everything, wasting a long day, and praying it wont happen again drives me a bit crazy.

I have a very different setup but am experiencing the exact situation. I use the Aeotec Hub v3, not Hubitat. andI don’t have any SMB config. My network that was working just fine, all of a sudden stopped. All switches work manually, they all appear to be online but none of my scene automation is working. Sending commands through SmartThings has 0 effect. Like you, event logs have stopped to capture anything since about August 15.

In term of debugging, I added a non-provisioned switch to my hub, no problem there, but, like for the other switches, unable to remote control. I unpaired that switch and paired it then with a faraway secondary Samsung SmartThings station, and then I able to remote control it. Existing Zigbee binding is still functional. I also changed the Zigbee channel a few times without any difference. I believe that the Zigbee mesh is still functional, there is however something going with the driver.

I am getting more and more the sense that I will have to wipe my Aeotec hub and that the issue will then be gone. Yet, why did it happen? Was there a firmware update that messed up everything? FYI Edge driver available through the huib is 2023-08-17T22:28:06.820642294

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I also changed the Zigbee channel a few times without any difference.

Any time you change the zigbee channel on your coordinator, all devices will need to be re-paired.

Each channel represents a slightly different frequency. Your devices were all paired on frequency A, but now your coordinator is communicating on frequency B.

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I was wondering, that makes sense. I wonder whether going through all channels will eventually restore connectivity.

It seems highly unlikely that it was a connectivity issue for my problem.

Logging did occur on Hubitat from remote activation via HomeKit and homebridge, but didn’t actually trigger the lights. I think that my post have been pretty clear in that respect.