Blue switches now have an "Opening" entity in HA (ZHA)

I upgraded my Home Assistant with ZHA install to 2022.11.3, and now all of my Blue switches have an “Opening” binary_sensor entity that shows on the dashboard by default. It seems to mirror the switch on/off state. I don’t have any other ZigBee light switches, so I don’t know if it’s light switches in general, or just the Blue switches, but I do have some Sonoff power outlets, and they didn’t get “Opening” entities.

Anyone else seeing this? Seems a lot like a bug to me–should I report it to Home Assistant? Or is this expected and I should just disable them and move on?

I’m curious what you mean by an “opening” entity.
In an auto-managed dashboard, the light entity should automatically be added to your dashboard with the controls to turn it on/off. So this would be normal unless you edit the dashboard and “take control” by designing your own. So I’d say this part is normal. Just not sure what you mean when you say “opening”?

I mean each switch has a binary_sensor named “[something] Opening” with “Show as” set to “Opening” like it’s a door or something. The state of the sensor matches the state of the Light control. If the light is on, the sensor state is Open. If the light is off, the sensor state is Closed.

Those sensors weren’t there when I was running 2022.10.3; they showed up after upgrading to 2022.11.3.

OMG you can NOT tell my wife about this!! She’s french, and a lot of french speakers when speaking in english will say “Can you open the lights?”. I’ve been 10+ years getting her to say “Can you turn on the lights?” LOL

I use Z2M and don’t have any “opening” binary sensors, so this must be strictly a ZHA thing. You could either edit the dashboard and just remove those 2 entities. This may force you to take control though and then no other entities would be automatically added. Or, what I think is probably your best option here, disable the entity itself which should prevent it from showing on the auto-loaded dashboard.

I think these are for the endpoints that control bindings and other things. I’d have to let @chack speak to this though.

Are your switches on firmware 2.08? It’s a remnant from the way the clusters were configured on the firmware endpoints and then cleaned up with 2022.11.3 quirk updates.

If it doesn’t bother you, you can leave them, or can go into the entity settings to disable/hide them. Alternatively, to fully remove them you can remove the device from HA, wait about 60s and then pair it back and it should be gone.

They’re on 2.08 now, but they were on 2.07 when I upgraded HA to 2022.11.3. I’ve disabled them; just thought it was weird that they suddenly showed up :slight_smile:

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