Blue Switches Off and not Responding

I currently have 4 Switches all on the same circuit that turned off at the same time today and stopped working. Led light is off and switches are not responding. I have tried the following:

1 Pulled air gap to see if they would reboot. No results.
2 Turned the breaker on / off. No results.
3 Tried a factory reset. No results.

Lights have been working and I have had no issue for a few weeks now.

2 switches are in a single pole configuration, smart bulb mode, and running Phillips Hue lights

1 switch has an aus switch, smart bulb mode, and is running Phillips Hue lights

1 switch is a single pole dimmer running non smart lights

All have switches have neutrals.

Using home assistant and have not made any new automations in the last few days.

There are other loads on the circuit that are currently working.

Are these switches in the same box? This sounds like an electrical issue, as four switches aren’t going to fail at the same time, in most cases.

Did you have any power outages?

I would pull one of the switches and test between the line and neutral terminals using a meter to see if you have 120 VAC.

All switches are in * different boxes. I just just an AC Voltage detector pen and received confirmation that all switches are hot. I will also double check with a multi meter.

We have not had a power outage.

I have several other inovelli blue switches that are in my house that are still working without any issues.

Any chance these neutrals all originate from a bundle in one of the upstream boxes? If so, check the integrity of that neutral bundle.

Old wiring in the house. Main bundle runs from the panel and into the attic. All switches have new wiring dropping line and neutral to the switch and then running a second wire (load and neutral) back up to the light.

The strange part is that I have a microwave load on the same circuit that is working…so I have a hard time thinking the main bundle has a neutral issue.

(Let me know if I am misunderstanding the question though)

Unfortunately, a non-contact proximity tester isn’t the best for testing in this situation. As @hydro311 suggested, you may have an issue with the neutrals. Just because a switch has a hot conductor does not mean it is properly powered.

Since you pulled out and pushed back in the air gap and got nothing, it is likely that switches are not properly powered. You’re going to be chasing ghosts until you can test properly.

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You are right Bry, I will pull my multimeter out and test when I get home.

Thinking more to hydro311’s point. The switches could just be downstream from the microwave and if there is a loose neutral in between them; then it is possible to have a working microwave and no working switches.

I will do some more testing and report back. Thanks for the help so far.


Alright, made it back home and some how all the switches were back up and working. When I looked at the log book in Home Assistant they all came on at the same time around 7:12 MT.

No intervention from myself and no one was home while I was gone.

Very strange, if it happens again I will provide another update…

Glad to hear they’re back online but if it was me, I’d still double-check the wiring, especially looking for a choke-point for those particular neutrals.

Because those 4 Blues are all on the same circuit and you have Blues elsewhere unaffected, it’s odd that just those 4 went out and came back on at the same time… I’m still leaning toward an intermittent wiring issue at some common point (versus a weird software glitch with those 4 Blues or something like that, but anything’s possible I suppose).