Blues going inactive

I’ll need to confirm, but at an initial glance air gaping before the 12h mark seems to keep them on the network. I’m not 100% but I air gapped them this morning around 9, then again around 8pm this evening, it’s now 10pm and they haven’t fallen off.

Rebooted my switch this morning at 10:06 AM. Upon request I rebooted my hub prior to the 12h mark. At 9:56 PM, I rebooted my hub and still had control of the switch upon start up. At 10:06 PM I still had remote control of the switch. Thought everything was good. I tested again at 10:20 PM and the switch was no longer responding remotely. I can see the command being logged from the hub via device page but the switch is not turning on.

I also confirmed these results. Rebooted the hub (20 minutes to rebuild the network) and switch still disconnected after 12 hours after last air gap

At this time it looks like they disconnect every 22 hours after the last air gap. Air gaping resets this timer, hub reboot does not

Any updates or things you would like us to try by chance? Anxious to get my network back up. I went in and grabbed the newest drivers from the website just to confirm i wasn’t using some Hubitat manager ones that were broke, but alas no improvement.

I have the sniffer and will be capturing in about 20 mins. I had to wait until I got closer to the 12h mark.


@davinci515 there is a new firmware for VZM35-SN that is testing a theory about disabling the keep alive cluster. Can you try that update and let us know 1) do your VZM35-SNs not go offline after 12 hours and 2) does it affect the other Inovelli devices at all?

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100% can do! I’ll download it and get it installed, will update around 6:45am est tomorrow. Do you want all devices on this new firmware or just a few devices? Also what do you mean by affect other devices? What should I be on the look out for?

I’ve installed the new driver on 3/6 of my fans. Also installed a new Fan switch today that has never been connected to the network to see how it performs in the am as well.

If you could update all of them that would be great. I just had a long shot theory that since you and @harjms updated the fan switch at around the same time and then started having problems I was curious if it was related. Even though it likely wasn’t related, I want to rule that out. So after all your fan switches are updated lets see if the problem happens again.

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First I want to say thank you so much for taking the time and helping us out, the support as been amazing.

To clarify

  • Most of my blues are running on the drivers released on 2023-10-14, and worked on these from install for about 1.5 months
    -Drivers were updated after the issue started.
    -Issues started around Jan 12’th time frame
  • Both fan and 2-1 blues affected
  • Hub was soft reset and restored from backup about a week prior to the issue starting.

I went ahead and updated all the fan drivers per the request.

Cool, did you also update the firmware on the fan switches? Should be firmware 1.06 now.

all 7 fan’s have the new updated firmware and driver now. if it matters they were on * firmwareMT: 122F-0201-02020104

I should know around 5 AM if the fan firmware helps the situation. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


heres hoping!

Initial look is good! I’m able to control devices at the 12h20m mark.


Awesome! I have about 2 more hours until my 12h mark.

Still looking good at 14h40m mark. Currently traveling, but the device page is updating current states.


Just passed the 12h mark on mine and all fans seem to be remaining online as well. Any idea on when a 2-1 firmware will be available now that it seems like this is resolving it?

22h in and still going strong

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Over 24 hours!


same here, so glad you figured it out!