Blues going inactive

To preface I have an c8 with about 15 inovelli blues and 5 inovelli blue fans. For the most part no real issues with the switches up until about a week ago. Over the past week I’ve been constantly having issues with them working. I’ve tried rebuilding the zigbee network as well as unplugging the hubitat for a hour. Checking the logs I can see that the commands are being sent to the device, just no response. The only way I’ve been able to fix the issue is to air gap the switch, after which it begins working immediately again until the following morning or so. Any idea what could be going on or how I can narrow down the issue? The only thing that has changed is I needed to restore my c8 to a back up about 3 weeks ago, but it worked fine for about 2 weeks after. Other zigbee devices don’t seem to be having an issue (or are recovering if network is dropping). After air gaping a switch my hue motion (zigbee) trigger the lights without issue

Sounds like my issue.

Yep seems exactly the same. They directed me here since doesn’t seem to be a network issue as it’s only inivelli devices

@EricM_Inovelli - not sure what’s going on. I haven’t reset my network as I needed the hub to run a sump pump routine over the weekend. I’ll look at resetting it but the HE community seems to point at the devices rather than the hub.

Yep same feed back to come here… woke up this am and and both blue 2-1 and fans are all non responsive

@davinci515 @harjms it is strange that it would happen all of the sudden if it was because of the switches. Usually something like this would be a hub update or adding a bad device into the network.

I know we released a fan switch update 1.05 a couple weeks ago. Did either of you update to that version around the time this started happening? December 22 was the last blue driver update. That doesn’t seem to line up.

Yes, I believe I did one fan switch update prior to the wonky zigbee issue; however, the 2-1s are affected to, so not sure how that would bring down the entire Inovelli zigbee network (2-1, fan, etc…)

Maybe it is causing problems with repeater devices? Are you using bindings on the fan switch?

Do either of you have a way to do raw zigbee packet captures?

Sniff Zigbee traffic | Zigbee2MQTT

I know the answer is probably no, but just checking in case. I could send a device if one of you has the time to help with the problem.

Negative, but if you DM or teams me a parts list, I’ll do an Amazon run.

For me it was out of left field, no changes had been made within 7 days of the issue starting. I did have some hub issues a few weeks prior, but they had been working without issue after sorting those out for 2+ weeks. I did update the drivers post issue tough to see if that would resolve with no improvement. Like the other user I’m also having the same issue on both Fan and 2-1 dimmers. Probably doesn’t matter but I do have some reds as well that are working flawlessly

I did some more digging and looks like my blues were sending power level updates every hour. Around 4am they stopped. I also had a a rule repeating for my zigbee ikea blinds by accident and see that it stopped around the same time. that being said I do have a hue motion sensor that continued to update illuminance levels thought the time. I did notice some zigbee presence sensors have some gaps around that time also but cant say that it is related without some more data as the logs are sparse as is.

My working theory is the issue resides on both the zigbee network and the invoelli switches. I’m thinking that around 4am the network is refreshing, rebooting, something. After which the invoelli devices are not reconnecting until air gaped.

Device on First Floor:

Device on Second Floor:

Hue motion sensor:

Ikea blinds that rule stopped on:

Great, thanks for the info. I’m asking our firmware engineer to give his two cents. Also will be sending a zigbee sniffer to @harjms to see if we can capture what is going on.

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Been trying to keep an eye on it, all devices just went offline again after right around the 12h mark

I tried rolling back drivers and rebooting many times. Hopefully with the sniffer I can find something. At this point I don’t care which item is at issue, I just want my zigbee network back.

After more testing it looks like devices are going offline after about 12 hours. I’ve been able to replicate this twice. Also looks like the are independent of each other. So if I air gap switch 1 it disconnects after 12ish independently of switch 2

Can you test my 12h theory on your network? Airgap one then check it after 11ish hours to see if it’s working, then over the next 2 hours test it every 10-15 min to see if it’s disconnecting around that time frame. Maybe do one , then do another 2-3 hours later just to confirm they are independent as well

I think it’s on a 12 hour disconnect rotation too after looking at my logs. I turned on info logging and saw the energy reporting stop basically at the 12h mark.

I just air gapped my office switch to verify 12h.

Our engineer believes that the switch is attempting a network rejoin every 12 hours but the hub is not responding to this request. We have no idea why this has randomly started on these two hubs though and are still investigating. Out of curiosity, if you reboot your hub right before the 12 hour mark will that cause the hub to accept the rejoin request?

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My switch is due to disconnect at 10PM. I can restart it at 955 PM to test.


I’ll set an alarm to test and let ya know in the am