Bond Home integration - LZW31-SN

Hi all!

I seem to be having some odd issues controlling a fan light, controlled by the hubitat-bond app with associated child apps. I have set up a rule (using both “Rule Machine” and “Button Controllers” apps, not at the same time, but with the same outcome) where when button 1 push triggers the fan light to toggle on/off. Sometimes this executes OK - I press the top button once and the fan light turns on or off. Other times I press the top button once and the fan light turns on, then it turns off - almost like I pressed the button twice when I indeed did not.

There are lots of settings to play with using the Inovelli driver for the LZW31-SN. I tried disabling local control, but that still didn’t solve the issue. I also set the dimming speed to 0.3 (I read somewhere that could help) and set all of the other rates to 101 to match the 0.3 property. Still, having the same issue though.

Anyone have any thoughts or having the same issue by any chance?

Figured it out. Just needed to update the LZW31-SN to the latest firmware :slightly_smiling_face: