Box Fan with Fan Switch

I have a box fan setup in my workshop that I rigged up with filters to remove dust from the air. Is there any reason I can’t use the VZM-35 if I cut off the 2 prong end and hardwire it to control the fan speed? It’s your standard box fan with 3 speeds.

Not an official answer, but you should be good as long as it’s not one of those old school 3hp fans.

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Why not wire the switch to an outlet and then you don’t have to hack off the plug?

Because you cannot control what may get plugged into it. Smart switches are typically not suitable for switching receptacles, as they’re not rated for the potential load. For that reason, the NEC, and likely the local Authority Having Jurisdication, prohibit it. The general provision is that a switch controlling a receptacle must be rated to carry the load of the branch circuit i.e. circuit breaker.

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He’s talking about controlling a fan with a fan switch. Instead of hacking the fan cord and hardwiring (which is not the best practice), the safer alternative would be plug the fan into a dedicated outlet fed from the fan rated switch.

Guess it depends if he has an standalone junction box with an extension cord to power up the switch and the fan cord being connected to the switch. multiple ways to do it.

NEC and AHJ wouldn’t allow a cut off fan cord to be hard wired either, unless the fan happened to have a correct for type like SOOW.

Wow, this inquiry really sparked a discussion. The fan I have is a Lasko 3-Speed box fan. It looks similar to this but I’m not sure the exact model.

Doh. In conjunction with what @Bry about a smart switch on a receptacle I don’t really have much of an option.

I wonder if I could squeeze project Cheryl inside the fan shroud. That would solve all of the receptacle issues.

That may be harder to wire in, but could attempt it.


Obviously you can do whatever you want. AHJ isn’t going to come knocking down your door ('Merica). You’re allowed to do your own electrical wiring in our state. If it was limited to one receptacle, then I wouldn’t even worry about others plugging in a vacuum or heating element. If I was selling my home, then I would remove the fan switch and install a normal switch.

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Just to make it even more clear, you could label the receptacle and put a locking in use cover on it (like what goes on an outdoor receptacle) and either lock or zip tie it to make it more obvious not to plug anything else in.