**bug found** Cant load blue switch settings in z2m

In z2m, I cant seem to load settings from the switch anymore (it was working once). When I install a new switch, all the settings on the expose tab are blank. I can adjust them, but I cant seem to pull whatever is currently in the switch. When clicking the state tab, all the settings just say “null”.

Are others seeing this same behavior or do I have issues?


I am going to ask this one more time in case it was just missed. I have added more switches but they dont load any settings from the switch anymore on any new switches or switches that I factory default.

For example, the setting for powertype doesnt say neutral on new switches and just says null. Did something change, is it doing this for anyone else?

I don’t use Z2M, but any chance it needs an update? That definitely doesn’t seem like normal behavior.

Everything is fully updated. I get the same thing in z2m and z2m edge.

I also experience the same behavior. I found that if the value is blank or null, it simply uses the switches default value. With that being said, showing the default values in Z2M would be quite helpful for those initially configuring their switches.

Clicking the blue refresh button performs a get operation for that parameter and will read the value from the device.

I figured it out.

There is a bug that needs fixed.

In Z2M, if you have Settings-Advanced-Last Seen-set to something other than disable, you cant pull settings from the Inovelli switches. Set that setting back to disable and it will pull settings when you click the blue refresh button on the device exposes page. Put that last seen setting back to enabled and you cant pull settings from the device again.



Sounds like a z2m bug, not an Inovelli bug… have you submitted a bug report to the z2m repo on github? Issues · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

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