BUG? LED bar doesn't reflect 0-99%

After I change the min and max levels the LED strip no longer goes from 1% to 99% like it does before changing the levels. For example, I set 45% and 80% and the strip goes from 45% to 80%. But, the levels are supposed to scale the dimming range to be a new 0-99%. It does that from the hub allowing the full dimming range and reporting it’s working over the full dimming range. So, why doesn’t the strip still reflect the full range of dimming?

What device are you talking about? Switch/Dimmer or strip?

1-99% should be scaled from min setting to max setting, but will be presented as 1-99% to the end user.

Essentially 1 = 45% if min is set as 45% and 99 = 80% if mapped that way.

Well, dimmer because switch doesn’t dim and strip doesn’t have a LED dimmer level LED bar.

Yes, it scales the range the dimmer operates over and it scales the 1-99% range in HA, but it does not scale the LED indicator bar. When I turn the dimmer fully up by holding up on the paddle the LED bar doesn’t go to fully on. It goes up to what would be 80% on a dimmer if the min and max were not adjusted. When I hold down on the paddle until the dimmer stops dimming any lower the LED bar stops at 45%, not all the way down to 1% as it does on a dimmer without the levels adjusted.

Firmware is 1.48 or 1.53. I’ve got some of each.

Weird. Mine that are scaled definitely still scale the entire bar on HA and ZJS.

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It’s nothing to do with the hub, it happens when locally controlling the dimmer.

Mine too

Still the same, I checked one of mine last night set to 45 and 85, and it went down to 1 both physically (held down) and reflected in HA, and up to 99 (100%) both physically and in HA.

I’d recommend an exclude/hard reset/include/parameter setup.