Button Number from new SmartThings rest API

I’m attempting to get event data from SmartThings new rest api for button presses.
I create a subscription via their api for one of my Inovelli red on/off switches.
“sourceType”: “DEVICE”,
“device”: {
“componentId”: “main”,
“capability”: “",
“attribute”: "”,
“value”: “*”,
“stateChangeOnly”: true,
“subscriptionName”: “all_buttona”

When I get a button press - this is what it sends me:
“eventTime”: “2020-10-28T22:33:12Z”,
“eventType”: “DEVICE_EVENT”,
“deviceEvent”: {
“eventId”: “8fe85648-196d-11eb-8dde-f9139c2e07db”,
“locationId”: “4c35da63-0f72-4faa-9da0-6141031aa65b”,
“ownerId”: “4c35da63-0f72-4faa-9da0-6141031aa65b”,
“ownerType”: “LOCATION”,
“deviceId”: “a0e7f82d-f57d-49e5-8f7c-f2b895cfbefa”,
“componentId”: “main”,
“capability”: “button”,
“attribute”: “button”,
“value”: “pushed”,
“valueType”: “string”,
“stateChange”: true,
“data”: {},
“subscriptionName”: “all_buttona”
There is no way for me to tell what button is actually pressed.
I contacted SmarthThings support and this is what I got back:
Nayely Zarazua (SmartThings)

Oct 29, 2020, 3:18 PM MST

Hello Twitzel,

Thank you for contacting SmartThings Developer Support.

From your description and some information I was able to retrieve from your device, I see that all the buttons belong to the same component (Main), that is why all the events’ origin is the same.
You can verify this by making a request to the Device endpoint to get the device status.

You cannot obtain the button number from the information provided by the subscription event. For devices that have more than one component, it is required to be treated separately in SmartThings. So, you should contact the manufacturer and explain the compatibility situation with the SmartThings subscriptions (you could include the payload of the device status request as evidence) to know what their feedback is.

Kindest Regards,
SmartThings Developer Support

Any suggestions for the next step?
I believe this is why I can not use the Inovelli switch buttons in an automation, but I can use the ikea buttons.

I believe the device handler needs to be modified, I am willing to help. Groovy is not language of choice, and the SmartThings docs drive me crazy, but I would love to get this working.