Button taps unreliable?

I am using my Blues with HA over z2m.

For one switch, I’d like to turn on a smart bulb when double tap up. When turning off, both, the main light and the smart bulb should be turned off.

For now, the switch is configured in simple toggle mode and I created two triggers, one for “up_double” and one for “down_single”. The former seems to be triggered nearly all the time when the switch are already turned on. However, when the switch is in off state, it does not trigger most of the time. Initially I thought maybe it only triggers in ON state but sometimes it still works.

Similar with “down_single” but this seems slightly more reliable.

Anyone suffered from similar issues?

Using ZHA, same issue. Seemed to get better with 2.07, but still happens.

Thanks. I upgraded to latest 2.08 and situation seems to have improved by a bit. Hope it’ll stay that way.

How’s it doing after a few days? If it’s better mark as resolved. If not, please let us know!

Just marked it as solved.
Haven’t actively tested but when I tried it worked.

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