Buzzing and flickering with Red 2-1 switch

I recently installed a few Red 2-1 switches in my house. They’re non-neutral, 3-way, with GE Embrighten Aux switches and Jasco Bypasses.

Two of them are each controlling one of these dimmable fixtures and flicker noticeably when dimmed. They also briefly flash full brightness when turning on, before going back to full dim and ramping up.

The other one is installed on a fixture of unknown make. It’s an LED fixture that has two LED drivers in it, and they buzz when it’s on, even at full brightness. This didn’t happen with a normal dumb switch. It happens in both On/Off and dimming mode.

Initially I installed the switches without using the bypass, to see if I needed it or not. Adding the bypasses didn’t help the flickering, and only decreased the buzzing slightly, if at all.

Any ideas, short of rewiring everything to get neutrals to my switches?

You may need to try trailing edge or leading edge. That may help the buzzing.

Any documentation on how to do that? I don’t see anything about that in the device configuration.

See if this post gets you there: