Can 2-1 switch operate the connected lights and operate as 3 way switch with different switch lights?

I’m interested to know if a 2-1 switch can operate the lights it’s connected to meanwhile when activating a scene, also bind with another 2-1 switch to act as a 3-way switch.

I’m asking because my basement lights only have a single motion-sensing switch at the top of the stairs, I work in a bedroom in the basement, and would like to be able to operate that bedroom lights in addition to changing scenes to turn on the basement lights so I don’t have to fumble my way through the dark hallway or pull out my phone every time I shut down my computer at night.

You can do this for sure by using a hub (Hubitat, Smart Things, etc.). If the motion sensing switch is using the same protocol as your 2-1 (Zigbee for the Blue, Z-Wave for the Red), you should be able to bind them together as well. Not sure if this can be done without a hub though… Never tried…

Thanks. Just to confirm, if I bind them together, when I turn on/off the bedroom lights, it will not also turn on off the basement lights unless I select that scene and vice-versa the basement light will not turn on/off the bedroom light since it’s bound together?

If they are bound, turning one will always turn on the other.

If you want to use scenes, then a hub will be required.

Thanks again! Even though both will be bound together, can I set the scene for 3 way only on the basement bedroom switch so the basement switch is not turning on/off the basement bedroom lights?

You should be able to set that up with double tap up or down. But like @SViel aaid, you’ll need a hub to define it.

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