Can Blue 2-1 be used as dimmer in Multi-Way with dumb switch

Apologies if this has been asked before, I scanned the manual and searched the forum and couldn’t quite find a solid answer.

My kitchen has three switches in a multi-way config to control the lights. I’m thinking about swapping one switch to a blue 2-1 but want to make sure I’m understanding this right. What impact does turning on the lights from a dumb switch have on the inovelli switch?

  1. If I configure the switch to a multi-way mode do I still get dimming functionality at the switch and remote?
  2. If I turn on the lights from a dumb switch do I still have remote dimming and on/off functionality through my hub?

If the remote switches are Aux switches, yes. If the remotes are dumb switches, no at the remotes.

The Inovelli will remain fully powered regardless of any remote switch condition, so it will always receive commands from the hub.

As long as it’s wired correctly.

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Sorry I may have worded this poorly. I wouldn’t be able to get dimming at the toggle which makes sense, but if turned on at the toggle would I still be able to dim via the Blue switch and through my Hub? I’m just not familiar with having dimmers in a multi-way so I’m not sure if that function requires being turned on by the dimmer itself and using a toggle excludes that function.

No problem. Yes. If you turn the lights back on via a toggle switch, you can still manipulate the illumination level either via the Blue or your hub. They’ll initially come back on at the last level set (or maybe a specified level depending on your settings). From there you can adjust from the Blue or the Hub.

Perfect, thanks for all the details. That pushes me towards getting a 2-1 to provide dimming and control via the hub for my kitchen lights. Then I can always upgrade the other switches to AUX switches down the road if I need scene control.

Not trying to upsell and test the 2-1 first before ordering aux switches, but to me it was worth the added costs. Anyone can dim or brighten the lights from any switch vs having to go to main switch or yelling at Alexa.

Aux switches give the same user experience at both locations, which I think is worth it to purchase.