Can someone please help me figure out why my Red 2-1 Switch won't change LED color (Hubitat)?

I’m using Hubitat and I’ve got about 20 Red Series Dimmers (VZW31-SN) in my place but there’s just one that’s giving me trouble with changing the LED color. All my other switches, I pick a color, hit “Save Preferences” and 2-3 seconds later, the color changes on the switch. I’ve got the color to change before on this one, but it’s just been dumb luck I think (maybe it was me spamming “initialize” and re-saving a dozen times, not sure if that does anything). At the moment, the LED bar is completely dark (in both the on/off position) despite me having a custom color set for it.

Can anyone throw out some ideas or suggestions on things I can try? Happy to provide screenshots of stuff if that’s helpful.

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the switch and repairing it with Hubitat?

I have absolutely no idea if this could be it but check if switch didn’t get ghosted. In hubitat go to Settings → Z-Wave Details find you switch and see if in last column (Last Received) you have timestamp and from when (should be recent date)?