Can the LZW31-SN be set for no local control in HA?

I have the LZW31-SN. Id like to set no local control during a set period of time in an automation. I use Home Assistant with the zwave2jsmqtt .

I see tuat it can be set with other hubs. But i havent found anything with HA.

If you’re using zwavejs2mqtt it should automatically create an entity
This should be controllable through lovelace, the entities page or through an automation.

You can also set it under the ProtectionV2 section of the configuration in zwavejs2mqtt

Ah, thank you. I was wondering what that option was.

I see in other post i just found you referenced some tables with the information. Where can I find those for future reference?

That is OpenZwave (deprecated) not zwave2js