Can the Red Switch handle this use case

I’ve tried to find the answer in here and believe the answer is yes, but I just want to make certain I am correct.

I have Lifx bulbs in can lights with a Jasco smart switch. I leave the switch on all the time and have the usual issues with it being turned off. I have a Aeotec Quad button next to it to turn the lights on and off. Nothing fancy, just on and off to 100% level and white.

  1. Will the red switch, allow me to replace the jasco and change a setting so that power will always be supplied to the circuit?
  2. Using the red switch I would be able to eliminate the Aeotec button and turn the lights on and off with it?

Yes. They have a smart bulb mode (SMB) that keeps power always on. They use would use a scene to turn the bulbs on/off.