Canada - No Longer a Canadian Supplier?

Saw this on site when I was looking for some Inovelli products. Any reason why you would alienate what appears to be the only Canadian distributor of your products? Have you made a deal with someone else that distributes your products in Canada?

Inovelli | Buy Inovelli in Canada - Aartech Canada

They have no stock to give to AARTech to sell now, but on the flip side they didn’t share any of the last shipment that they did receive for AARTech to sell. That text seems to imply not communicating the supply issues to AARtech.


The wording of that message rubs me the wrong way.

Long story short, we simply didn’t have the supply to send to them. We could barely keep in stock in the US.

I have nothing but respect for Robert and his team and hopefully we can return with them soon.

In fact, keep an eye on the forum in the next month or so. We’re (hopefully) weeks away from a partnership that will solidify things from a supply perspective and strengthen our operations.

The partnership has an existing relationship with Aartech as well and, if anything, we’ll be back and stronger than ever in Canada.


It does assuming that the stock issues were communicated with them.

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Speaking candidly, there was a lot both sides could’ve improved on with communication.

Yes, we certainly said we would not be able to ship any new product for a while and then supply went to complete crap with no ETA from our manufacturer and I have the emails to prove it.

I definitely could’ve been more proactive in working with the team there and quite frankly, I don’t like how things transpired and I’ll take the accountability there.

The wording is a bit aggressive, but I can understand the frustration from their end as well. I can’t speak legally about how this relationship started (although there is a post in the community from the employee who started it), but I think the root cause of everything was mismanaged expectations on what the relationship between companies should’ve been.

There’s no sense in pointing fingers publicly and the good news, like I said, is that I had a conversation two days ago (and today actually) about Aartech and how this company (that hopefully takes a leadership role in our company – sorry for the vagueness, I just can’t say much) has been working with Aartech for years (and is listed as one of the companies in that screenshot… That’s all I’m going to say lol) and we’d like to continue to work with them.

Robert, if you’re reading this, this is my public apology on how things transpired, and please know the next month or two will be much better from a supply side as I’ll have some nice backing. I’m excited to let you know when the time is right.


Thanks for the response. I can understand stock issues, not the first time I’ve run into that past year. Gives me hope that I’ll see the products again in Canada in the future. I hope if Aartech see’s this thread, I hope they update their wording to …no eta on stock, check back later… as these are the products I’m interested in.

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Kudos to Eric for building a brand that has garnered such strong support - and patience - from its customers and the community. I believe this is in large part due to the way he asks for input during the design process and his transparency in the forums. Whether it’s about a past employee, supply or credit issues, or writing off his gorgeous Acura, it’s out there for all to see.

The wording on our Inovelli page may seem harsh to some and at the same time it’s the harsh reality. In contrast to the open forum posts, we haven’t had any communication from Inovelli in a very long time and my last email to Eric in September went unanswered. So absent any communication we couldn’t simply say “no ETA” check back soon.

I was really excited if not a bit nervous to bring in Inovelli initially as I didn’t really know anything about them, but it certainly sold well. We did our best to market it to our dealers, our retail channel and via Amazon. We provided support (exchanges) as long as we could until we had nothing left. Then we were in the dark.

In our last conversation I left the door open to future business and I’m waiting to hear from Eric (directly not through forum posts) so we can talk. Stay tuned.


You are dropping mentions all over the place. My mind is going allover the place.
When you mentioned it in the Blue series thread I started my guessing at Amazon because you mentioned supply chain, went to Google, then Signify and I think I stopped guessing at Resideo. Now I have to go to the Aartech sight and see what brands they do business with.

Well read another comment further down the thread I have my next guess.

But now I am wondering the path Inovelli is going to be taking.

None of the above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although those are great companies!

You are on the right path though :wink:

You made the screen shot comment and I looked back. My mind went toone of those companies when I was thinking about who it could be.

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Hi! Is there an update on where we can purchase Inovelli in Canada?


Not yet, working on it – I promise.

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Thought I’d let everyone know that Aartech Canada is once again excited to be selling Inovelli! Zigbee will be arriving first in limited quantity. ZWave will be a while longer and we’ll start taking backorders shortly. Thanks for everyone’s patience!


Thanks Robert – we’re excited to work with you again!