Cannot control blue switches with dumb bulbs

I’m using Hubitat with blue switches in dimmer mode for dumb bulbs (ramped up to maximum). Simple Rules to control the blue switches to turn on and off the switches with a motion sensor to hence turn on dumb bulbs. Not working to turn on dumb bulbs. Sensor does turn on other hue bulbs in room but not switches. Any thoughts.

Post a screenshot of your rule.

The dimmers are blue switches connected to dumb bulbs.

The others are hue

Check to make sure you don’t have remote protection turned on. P257. Should be 0/disabled.

257 was enabled. Disabled but still no change in switches on for dumb lights.

Reboot the switch. If you had remote protection enabled, that would prevent the switch from accepting button presses from the hub. I’m guessing the switch still thinks that’s the case.

To be clear. I can reboot the switch by pulling to tab and power down the switch. Wait 10 sec and replace.

Yep, pull out the air gap, wait a few seconds and then push it back in.

Done but no change.

Separate of your rule, can you turn any of those switches on and off via the hub?

I think you should be using the turn on and set dim level.

Tried to turn switch on from devices menu in Hubitat. No response from switch ie blue led no change. Switch does work manually to dim dumb bulbs.

Is your rule from the built in lighting app

Rule is built from the simple automation app. However if you can’t turn on the device from device menu then I would say you have an issue with the connection. I would factory reset the device and add back into Hubitat.

I’ll try that now

Factory reset with applied settings recommended all working. Thank you so much.