Cannot reset switch that was in 3-way setup

Hi, I have 2 inovelli red series s2 switches. I set them up following the instructions at using the " Option #1: Via Z-Wave Association Tool (Recommended)" .

The problem is, I had to re-flash my home assistant and re-set my aeotec z-wave usb stick. When I go to the device that was using z-wave association, and hold the config button for 20 seconds for factory reset, it will not reset.

Any ideas?

When you exclude a device, usually it will factory reset the device as well. I don’t know if this is true for the Red switch, but it’s true for other Inovelli devices.

At this point, you’ll have to exclude the switch by doing a general exclusion, since your switch is no longer connected to the hub. I don’t know if Home Assistant has a general exclusion, but that’s a common Zwave utility. If it doesn’t, you can exclude it with PC Controller. Hopefully that will reset it as well.

Thanks. Excluding it worked. I didn’t realize that I could exclude it again after factory resetting the aetec zwave stick and home assistant hub.

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