Can't find parameters in Home Assistant ZHA for settings?

I see the youtube video at Inovelli Blue Series | Advanced Features - Changing Parameters in Home Assistant - ZHA - YouTube
However, my clusters options don’t seem to include inovelli.

I’m running home assistant core 2022.7.6, with a HUSBZB-1.
I tried upgrading HA and it was giving me some trouble. Is that the solution here, or am I missing it somehow / did I do something wrong?

Ultimately yes, you’ll need/want additional configurations that got pushed in later versions of HA as I’m pretty certain the signature of the quirk in 2022.7.6 isn’t going to match a prod switch. 2022.10.0 had some of the initial config on the device page, and 2022.11.0 has had more updates and fixes included as well for reference.

You really need to update HA…

Just to confirm here upgrading to the newer version of HA worked.

I’m now on 2022.11.2. I migrated from CORE to CONTAINER (docker) which was a huge mess but hopefully i’m future-proofed.