Can't find the config folder for zwave with Innovelli

I’m using the VirtualBox installation of HA on a Windows host.

I’ve read the instructions to integrate Innoveli with HA however I can’t find the config folder:

Also, I’m a little bit confused about how to access terminal in the proper way. Currently I’m using the built-in terminal from Visual Studio Code. Also, how do you transfer files to HA when you know the config folder? Through Samba?

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Is HA linux based? If so, you can use the wget command through terminal to get the config file. However, I’m not familiar with HA, so I don’t know the environment.

Go to directory via cd, download with wget.


I had the same question. I’m also using a virtualized Home Assistant. This is the OS:

It is Linux-based, but it’s not based on a common distro like Ubuntu.

Are you using the default zwave integration or something like ozw beta or zwave2mqtt? Are you running the supervised homeassistant (has add-ons) or homeassistant core?