Can't include using S2-Authenticated

So I’ll preface this by saying I feel like this is not an Inovelli issue but figured I’d post here as there are some knowledgeable peeps here…

Using a HUSBZB stick with zwavejs2mqtt and Home Assistant: I can’t include using S2-Authenticated. I get the DSK prompt, enter the 5 digits, and it just sits there and waits forever. After closing the dialog, the device includes with No Security.

If I uncheck the option for S2-Authenticated and leave S2-No Authentication, it Includes just fine.

The same thing has happened with LZW31-SN’s and also with a Minoston dimmer plug, which is why this seems to be an issue with my hub-side setup. Is this a bug in HA or zwavejs or zwavejsmqtt? Or maybe just not supported?