Cant load blue switch settings in z2m

In z2m, I cant seem to load settings from the switch anymore (it was working once). When I install a new switch, all the settings on the expose tab are blank. I can adjust them, but I cant seem to pull whatever is currently in the switch. When clicking the state tab, all the settings just say “null”.

Are others seeing this same behavior or do I have issues?


I am going to ask this one more time in case it was just missed. I have added more switches but they dont load any settings from the switch anymore on any new switches or switches that I factory default.

For example, the setting for powertype doesnt say neutral on new switches and just says null. Did something change, is it doing this for anyone else?

I don’t use Z2M, but any chance it needs an update? That definitely doesn’t seem like normal behavior.

Everything is fully updated. I get the same thing in z2m and z2m edge.