Can't reset and pair my NZW31's

I have Smart-Things hubs that I was controlling with Google Home. And then I had to change out my Wifi network.

I got the Smart-Thing hubs up and running again, and paired some outlets, but can’t get any of my NZW31’s to pair. I reset them byu hitting the UP swithch 10 times, and that made the blue light flash, so I assume I did a factory reset. But then I tried to put the dimmers into pair mode by hitting the UP switch 6 times (fast), but the Smart-things app does not find it when I scan. And, there does not seem to be any “Inovelli” brand dimmer specicially listed.

So I am stuck.

Any thoughts?

And…I broke the link from Smart-Things to Google Home. I’ve deleted the home from Google home, and reset everything, but no luck.

It’s been a bad day on the home automation front!! LOL

Thanks for any hints of what to do next!!!

Did you exclude the device in the ST app?