Central Scene IDs are opposite conventions

I’ve been working through some scene related use-cases in Home Assistant and realized that the scene IDs emitted from my Red Switches / Dimmers are opposite what my other (Home Seer, Zooz) switches emit. These other brands use Scene 1 for UP and Scene 2 for DOWN. Inovelli uses the opposite - 1 for Down and 2 for UP. I’d really prefer not to install the switches upside-down AND configure them to be inverted :wink:

I understand that there isn’t a standard for this. Scene Ids are left up to firmware creators. It would be nice if they all followed the same convention. Of course this can be worked around in software or by simply buying all of the same brand. In an era of device shortages and replacing any failed device, you end up with a mixed ecosystem. It would be awesome if this were configurable or even simple an alternative firmware to install.

I can work around this inside of my automations, but I’d rather avoid the complexity at the end user level if possible.