Change default brightness when Theater Mode input_boolean is on?

Trying to set things up so that pressing the physical Red Dimmer in my Kitchen tursn the lights on to 10% brightness when I have an input_boolean called “Theater Mode” turned on, and 100% brightness when Theater Mode is off.

I’ve tried setting it up in Node RED (see below), but hitting the physical switch first turns on the lights to full brightness, then dims them to 10%.

Is it possible to send an OpenZwave command to the dimmer when Theater Mode is turned on that changes the “Default Level (Local)” parameter to “10”, then changes it back to “99” when Theater Mode is off? Or is there a better way I’m not thinking of?

I think I figured it out. I added this node to the rest of the actions happening when the Theater Mode gets switched on:

And one that sets the same parameter back to 99 when the theater mode switch is turned off.

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