Change to Local DTH after configuring assocation?

Im a fan of my automations and devices running local in smarthings. All my devices are local and using the stock dth except a red series dimmer and 2 ilumin color bulbs. These bulbs have a direct association with the switch. Can i change these devices back to the stock DTH and the association stick? Or do I need to leave these alone?

For the rest of my switches, I change to the inovelli DTH, make any changes to the switch I need, then change it back and it holds allt he config. I like setting it in the GUI rather than hit the config switch 238 times :slight_smile:

Should work, you just lose the ability to get scene controls more than 2 presses (I think?) and change LED bar color, dim/fade rates, etc.

Test it out and let us know how it goes!

I did the same with 2 black switches some time ago and they’re just lightning fast. not sure the same works with the reds because of the scene control.

I was looking forward to do the same with the bulbs so they speed up automations and work when internet fails but can’t find a dh to run them locally in the list provided by smartthings.

Is there zwave RGBW bulb?

that’s what I was looking for not didn’t find any.

tried with some other dh but they ran from the cloud too so it made no sense using them.

I can’t remember the name smartthings recognized the bulbs with when I first installed them. now if I add (or re-add) a bulb, it grabs the inovelli dh directly.