Changing LED bar for notifications in HomeAssistant

The switch toolbox is for LZW dimmers (Red/Black). You may have to look in the 2N1 documents for the correct effect type.

Do you have a link for that? I’m not finding anything specific for the blue/2n1

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Just looked in the Hubitat driver:

command “ledEffectAll”, [[name: “Type*”,type:“ENUM”, description: “1=Solid, 2=Fast Blink, 3=Slow Blink, 4=Pulse, 5=Chase, 6=Open/Close, 7=Small-to-Big, 8=Aurora, 0=LEDs off, 255=Clear Notification”

So Solid is 1…not familiar with HA though.

Try this @chack turned me on to:

service: zha.issue_zigbee_cluster_command
ieee: 60:a4:23:ff:fe:30:a5:74 ← enter yours here
endpoint_id: 1
cluster_id: 64651
cluster_type: in
command: 1
command_type: server
- 7
- 0
- 100
- 255
manufacturer: ‘4655’


I’ll give that a try, but do you know what any of the values mean? Or know where I can get docs for it?


Too many unknown values for me to get that working :confused:

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Whoops I had a mistake on vendor ID.

Also it’s not formatted properly.


The args are the effect properties… I can try to find in the handler.

Edit: also here is the issue cluster command documentation: Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant


For posterity - those args are, in order:

  • Effect
  • Color
  • Brightness
  • Duration

See Resources | Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) - Manual for details on what the values are

Additionally, change the command to 3 and add an extra arg at the start for LED# for per-LED effects :slight_smile:

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Do you know what command will clear the notification?

I believe effect 255 is clear, otherwise double tapping the config button clears it as well if you prefer that approach.

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@chack, one more Question :slight_smile: The script works as intended, but it does throw a timeout exception ~10s after running. It doesn’t seem to be causing any problems though. Have you seen this behavior?

Ah yeah, like you said, it gives an error but still works. It is planned to be addressed with the manufacturer and hopefully fixed in a later firmware release.

@chack , can this be done for Zigbee groups as well in ZHA? I got the solution working for an individual switch, but I can’t seem to get it working for a Zigbee group.

service: zha.issue_zigbee_group_command
  group: 4                 # My group id
  cluster_id: 64561        # Not sure where this comes from, but copied from above
  cluster_type: server
  command: 3
    - 7                    # Trying to turn LED #7 solid greenish for every switch in the group
    - 1
    - 95
    - 100
    - 255
  manufacturer: '4655'

I haven’t tried a group so let me know! For led#7 you’ll want to use 6 as the range is 0-6 :slight_smile:

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Anyone got this working for multiple switches? I can get an individual switch to work but when having multiple switches in a script only the first one in the script will run. I’m assuming the time out error message is causing it?

@huynh.kong , I’m having the same issue. Timeout breaks the script. Is the timeout a known issue? @chack , you had mentioned it might be fixed in a later firmware update? Is there a way for us to track that?

It should be in the next firmware release, but I can’t speak to the timeline for release. I’ll just tag @EricM_Inovelli to speak to that :slight_smile:

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I did not see this in the firmware notes, but I believe it may be fixed in v2.05. Keep an eye here:


Looks like it’s fixed. Updating a couple of switches now, and I’m no longer getting a timeout on one of the switches!

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Guys, use the device actions in your automations… much cleaner than the service:

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